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MrKa (Emmanuel Kowandy)

Emmanuel Kowandy, a former student of the Digital Arts stream at the Académie des Beaux-Arts in Tournai, began his professional career in cartoons, then in edutainment and cultural games.

A self-employed graphic designer and motion designer, Emmanuel has lectured in several establishment dedicated to the graphic and digital arts, demonstrating a particular passion for teaching.

Founding member of the Triii collective created in 2005. This multi-artist collective thrives through video performances and immersive installations. The latest creations staged by Emmanuel and the collective, “Immersion virtuelle” as part of Mons 2015, European Culture Capital, and the “S.H.E.” show in June 2016, were well-received by the public and their peers alike.

His work as a digital visual artist feeds on the ultra-connected world obsessed by perfection, using the flaws of digital tools to extract a raw and expressive interpretation of that world.

Giving back the essence of imperfection, of error, of the human to an increasingly controlled and sanitized visual environment.



1_What do you consider to be the main challenges in puppetry today?

Thanks to new technologies becoming increasingly accessible and easy to use, puppetry can now be combined with video, videomapping, presence sensors, and robotics, working in perfect harmony with image and sound.

Puppets can evolve within virtual environments, reacting to actors, dancers, musicians and the audience. The puppeteer can push the boundaries of his artform, providing audiences with an even more immersive sense of life and presence. There are also materials that, when combined with technology, allow for the construction and manipulation of creations that are unrestricted in terms of size or shape.

2_How have digital technologies, and digital cultures more broadly, influenced your project and its creative process?

I’ve actually experienced it in reverse. I'm a digital artist: I use videomapping and work with light using digital tools. Puppets have allowed me to create something new. Ultimately, the link between the two was a natural one; it allowed my artistic processes to go further.

3_What new avenues and lessons have you taken away from your participation in N.A.P.P.?

It was a very enriching experience, both as an artist and a human being. It opened up other possibilities for my future projects. Thanks to my participation in N.A.P.P., I had the opportunity to create something totally new to me, which proved interesting to other events. As a result, my project continues to evolve, grow, and be enriched by new experiences and new techniques.


Additional Info

Ses dernières créations:

15 et 16 septembre 2017 > Triii /ADN/
Arras (France) Nuits des Bassins #3 : Installation vidéo

9 décembre 2016 et 26 janvier 2017 > é/Mergence
Tourcoing (France) MUSICVIDEOART festival : Performance vidéo
Bucarest (Roumanie) : Experimental Night#3 : Performance vidéo

Novembre 2016 à janvier 2017 > L’Histoire commence en Mésopotamie - Louvre Lens
Lens (France) : Installation vidéo

Du 25 juillet 2015 au 9 août 2015 > MONS2015 Capitale Européenne de la Culture
Mons (Belgique) : Installation et exposition

2015 > SUTURATION (poésie de l’abject et plaisir en coutures)
Tournai (Belgique) : Installation et exposition

2015 > S.H.E. concert immersif
Création avec le collectif Triii et Out Of Range lors d’une résidence pour l’association
Les Rencontres Audiovisuelles, présentée le 9 janvier 2015 à l’Hydride Lille (France), puis
le 5 et 6 juin 2015 dans l’ancienne église Saint Louis à Tourcoing (France)
Conception, réalisation, installation et performance

2013 > Mapping festival
Genève (Suisse) : VJing et installation

2012 > NAME festival
Lille (France) : VJing et installation

2010 > AD Libitum BSIDES/Industria
Anvers (Belgique) : Installation et performance

2009 > Mini Libi /évènement privé/
Lille (France) : Installation, performance et exposition

2008 > Maison de la Culture
Tournai (Belgique) : Installation, performance et exposition

2007 > Musée des Beaux Arts Horta
Tournai (Belgique) : Installation et performance

2006 > Maison de la Culture
Tournai (Belgique) : Installation, performance et exposition

2005 > Transphotographique TriPostal
Lille (France) : Installation, performance et exposition

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