On Stage - Residencies

The project lends its support to several creations by offering residencies to artistic teams. The residencies enable artists to discover different contexts and cultures.

Residencies provide artists with the time and space necessary for artistic creation and enable them to create their show in professional conditions.
The artists enjoy access to a space equipped for artistic and technical work (stage and equipment, technical equipment made available, workshop, etc.) in which they can devote themselves entirely to one or more aspects, one or more stages of creation. 

Residencies are crucial for the artists as well as for the audiences of the four partner structures.



N.A.P.P.'s partners accompany Monkeys, Amit Drori's latest creation. Amit Drori works on the development of robotic processes for the creation of half man / half machine creatures.
Les Tcernosaurs

Tcernosaurs - Radu Dinulescu (Ro) & Armand Richelet (B)

Renowned physicist, Professor Pakalov, discovers a new form of life in a "zone" contaminated by a nuclear explosion: mutants formed by a symbiosis between objects and human matter.
Über Beast Machine - Michaël Cros (F)

Über Beast Machine - Michaël Cros (F)

In 2097, a duo of rearchers are doing a series of experiments on different forms of life. They're studying an electric, vegetable creature they called : Über Beast Machine.

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