What is the N.A.P.P project ?

Numeric's Arts Puppetry Project

Numeric's Arts Puppetry Project

What is the N.A.P.P project ?


  • Covid-19

    As a result of the new restrictions on the spread of COVID-19, the belgian federal government has decided that "all recreational, sporting, cultural or folklore activities, whether public or private and regardless of their size, are to be canceled", from 13 March to 3 April 2020 inclusive.

    We have the regret to announce the cancellation of the Lab'Impro "Automatiser sa régie", the ATLAS installation - from March 25 to 29, 2020, and of the end of the N.A.P.P. project, scheduled for March 25, 2020.

    Période : 13/03/2020 > 02/04/20
    Lieu : Tournai (B)


A plan of the Centre of the Puppet of the Federation Walloon area of Belgium - Brussels, of Lutkovno Gledalisce Ljubljana, of the Festival Mondial des Théâtres de Marionnettes de Charleville-Mézières, of the Theatre Gérard-Philipe and of the Teatrul Tony Bulandra. Cofinancé by the programme Creative Europe of the European Union.

ATLAS @Tournai / 25 > 29.03.2020

The actions

  • The Sky Above

    The Sky Above Me is a new work by Tin Grabnar, an established director who combines elements of dance, improvisation, modern puppetry, magic, performance and visual arts in his work. It explores a wide range of different digital art strategies. Tin Grabnar’s award-winning show Somewhere Else successfully combines the puppeteer’s mindset and the use of modern technology.

    Date : 08 > 21.02.2020
    Lieu : Ljubljana
  • Ecole du Spect'acteur à Charleville-Mézières

    There is no translation available.Les participants de l'Ecole du Spect'acteur du Festival Mondial des Théâtres de Marionnettes de Charleville-Mézières ont été invités à participer à une série d'action réalisée pendant le Festival, dans le cadre du projet NAPP : Workshop 36 DU MOIS28.09.2019 - 10.00Festival Mondial des Théâtres de Marionnettes @Charleville-MézièresA partir du principe de l’Orchestre des on, découverte et expérimentation autour de ces créatures assistées par ordinateur. Workshop Yokaï & FabLab28.09.2019 - 14.00Festival Mondial des Théâtres de Marionnettes @Charleville-MézièresVisite…

    Lieu : Charleville-Mézières
  • Agrupación Señor Serrano

    Agrupación Señor Serrano is a theatre company based in Barcelona that creates original productions about discordant aspects of today’s human experience. Señor Serrano’s shows blend live feed video, scale models, text, performance, sound and objects. The company productions premiere and tour internationally. At present, the core of Agrupación Señor Serrano is composed by Àlex Serrano (President of the Republic), Pau Palacios (Prime Minister) and Barbara Bloin (Chief of Staff). Besides them, for each production the company counts on the essential collaboration of a cross-disciplinary and variable creative team. Over the years, many creators have joined the company’s projects, leaving a durable mark: Diego Anido, Ferran Dordal, Jordi Soler, Alberto Barberá, Roger Costa Vendrell, Nuria Manzano, Alexandra Laudo, Jofre Carabén, Martí…

    Agrupación Señor Serrano

    Intervention dans le cadre du projet N.A.P.P.

    Shows > Birdies - 16/09/2018 - Ljubljana

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Future events

25 march 2020
(Tournai, Belgium)

End of the project

With the opening of ATLAS Edition of a book (report of the project)
25 > 29 march 2020
(Tournai, Belgium)


Atlas by Yann Deval & Marie G Losseau
19 > 23 march 2020
(Tournai, Belgium)


How to automate its show : music, light, video...
18 > 22 november 2019
(Tournai, Belgium)


Hide to better reveal
24 > 27 october 2019
(Tournai, Belgium)


Show / Around the table / Lab'Impro / Ecole du Spect'acteur...
20 > 29 september 2019
(Charleville-Mézières, France)

Festival Mondial des Théâtres de Marionnettes

Show / Around the table / Ecole du Spect'acteur...
3 > 9 june 2019
(Targoviste, Romania)

Babel F.A.S.T.

On stage / Lab'Impro / Show
9 > 15 november 2018
(Tournai, Belgique)

Uber Beast Machine

On stage - residency
12 > 16 september 2018
(Ljubljana, Slovenia)

Lutke Festival

First NAPP Event in Ljubljana during the Lutke Festival : Creative Workshop, Shows, Around the Table....
16 & 17 march 2018
(Strasbourg, France)

Monkeys - premières

First performances of Monkeys by Amit Drori - outside the NAPP project
September 26th, 2017 - 18h30
(Tournai, Belgique)

Launching of plan Numeric' s Art Puppetry Project

In the presence of :
  • Rudy Demotte, Minister-President of the Federation Walloon area of Belgium-Brussels, Burgomaster of the city of Tournai.
  • Tarik Bouziane, deputy burgomaster of Culture in the City of Tournai and president of the Centre of the Puppet of Fédréation Wallonie-Bruxelles.
  • And partners of plan, Lutkovno Gledalisce Ljubljana in Slovenia, Gérard-Philipe theatre in Frouard in France, Teatrul Tony Bulandra in Targoviste in Romania and the Centre of the Puppet of the Federation Walloon area of Belgium-Brussels in Belgium.
3/07/2017 in 09/07/2017
(Tel Aviv, Israël)

New technologies for new vision of puppetry

In the course of these ten last years, the Studio Amit Drori developed considerable competences in the development of technologies open source in the service of artistic creation and more particularly for the creation of mechanism for the arts of the puppet...

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